Parents comments

Partnership with Parents

“Partnerships with parents are excellent. Parents and grandparents are warmly welcomed to join in with all aspects of their child’s nursery life. ” – Ofsted 2018.

What do our parents say about Hardingstone Day Nursery?
Strong, open relationships with parents and children are vital for our continued success. We are delighted that our parents and children speak so highly of their experiences of Hardingstone Day Nursery.

You have supported us through so much. You have adapted and changed to help and suit us. - Parent feedback 2018
Tapestry is the best! I love that we can see and share things at home and at nursery. - Parent feedback 2018
I like playing with all my friends and dinosaurs. I like it when I have my dinners. Jemma looks after me. - Child feedback 2018
I am delighted with the care that my child receives at nursery. Every member of staff that I have dealt with seems very dedicated to their job, and to genuinely care about my child. - Parent feedback 2018
I pick up my daughter at the end of the day and ask her what’s she done that day - and when she responds ‘just played’, I know that isn’t true...there is no ‘just’ in the approach Hardingstone adopt - they go above and beyond to create a fantastic space and a wonderful setting for all children to learn and grow. - Parent feedback 2018
Having previously worked as a Key stage one teacher in a primary school, I know the importance of good communication between parents and the nursery staff (among many other things!) - and I can honestly say, Hardingstone has exceeded my expectation in this area. - Parent feedback 2018

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