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We have four different base rooms to cater for the differing needs of each age group. All age bandings are approximate as we recognise that all children develop at different rates.

However, we also believe that it is important that children have the opportunity to interact with children of different ages, and is especially important for siblings to spend time together. We cater for this in our garden area, where very often you will find older children playing peek-a-boo with the babies, or helping the toddlers find mini-beasts.

All groups are staffed by fully qualified nursery nurses who are fully vetted by ourselves, and the DBS to ensure their suitability. Regular appraisal and training opportunities are accessed to continually support staff, and keep up to date with current research, practice and theory. Each child who attends the nursery will have a key-worker. This is the person who is responsible for sharing and gaining information with parents and the child in order to provide appropriate care, and indivualised learning opportunities. The key-worker is there to provide the child with the social and emotional attachment that they need when away from home.

When children are ready to move on to the next group, this is often done in small friendship groups, to reflect the knowledge that children will often adapt with more confidence when joined by those already familiar to them.

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