We love to be creative!

In the Autumn, with all the leaves falling from our magnificent trees, the Busy Bees were inspired to go on a hunt in the garden. They explored sticks, leaves and conkers that they found. The children noticed the different colours and sizes of the leaves, and tried to find which tree they came from.  We then added these to Playdough to make different sculptures and trees, and also added some to our sand and water tray, the leaves made some beautiful boats the children were so delighted that the conkers bobbed about like little men.

We have made some Autumn light catchers and have been drawing our own pictures of the nursery trees, spider webs and spiders, printing with the different leave and acorns and comparing the different colours and sizes which we discovered when collecting in the garden.

The Busy Bees have shown lots of interest in Hedgehogs and have had a go at making their very own collages of hedgehogs and they now have now some beautiful hedgehogs to take home that they made out of Playdough.