Celebrating Ramadan

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This month the nursery has been taking part in Ramadan and Eid celebrations. We had a show and tell where a child brought in a traditional Ramadan decoration to share with his friends. He spoke about the different colours and shapes also pressing buttons so that it made some sounds. We invited a parent in to read to us in Arabic which we all loved listening to and we had great fun learning colours and animals in Arabic language.

Throughout Ramadan we drew around our hands and decorated them, to display, we also decorated our hands with lots of patterns (Mehndi). The children were very proud to show everyone the different patterns Vicky had decorated their hands with. We decorated traditional Islamic patterns with lots of lovely colours.

To celebrate Eid we devised a traditional Islamic menu which was truly delicious. The children loved making their own Fruit Kebabs and tasting the Samosas.

The children had great fun making Eid biscuits in the shape of stars with Elle. They loved mixing and pouring the ingredients, whilst checking the numbers on the scales as they measured each item out.

Parents were encouraged to explore the display in reception, looking at authentic foods, clothing and places of worship.

Information books and stories were also made available.