What does Ofsted say about Hardingstone Day Nursery

Hardingstone Day Nursery is an Ofsted Registered children’s nursery and currently has a “Good” rating from Ofsted.
Our 2015, Ofsted review highlighted a number of strengths that both the management team and staff at Hardingstone Day Nursery help to maintain.
Below are some of the key findings highlighted in our recent Ofsted Report: (check for correct quotes)

  • There is an exceptionally strong key person system. Children are very settled in the nursery. Parents are fully informed about their child’s development and consulted about children’s targets for achievement.
  • Staff make excellent use of the wide range of good quality resources available to them. The developmental needs of the children in each nursery room are carefully thought about in the equipment offered.
  • Children make good progress during the time they attend the nursery. Staff use their accurate assessment of children’s development to identify areas for them to focus on with each child. They plan carefully so that activities interest the child and meet all of their learning and developmental needs.
  • When children are moving onto a new room in the nursery or to school they and their parents are sensitively supported so that they are all emotionally well-prepared for the change.
  • Leaders and managers have a secure understanding of their responsibility to promote the safety and well-being of the children. A good range of policies and procedures are used successfully by them and the staff to support their work.

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Staff are well-qualified and knowledgeable. They use their secure understanding of the needs of young children to plan and provide activities that capture children’s interest and capture their imagination across all areas of learning.
Ofsted Report, 2015

Partnership with Parents

“Strong partnerships with parents contribute well to children’s sense of security. Parents are extremely positive about the staff and praise them for being warm and friendly.”