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Our lovely cook, Teresa ensures that children are fed well throughout the day. Teresa holds a level 3 food and hygiene certificate and through her thorough systems and cleaning schedules ensures that the safety of children is paramount when storing, preparing and cooking food. The nursery holds the highest possible food hygiene rating of 5 from the Foods Standards Agency.


We believe that children learn and develop best when they receive a high quality, nutritious, home cooked meal during the day. Children at Hardingstone Day Nursery benefit from opportunities to try different healthy foods through our 4-weekly rotating menu. Children are supported and encouraged to serve their own foods and pour their own drinks enabling children to develop their independence and self confidence. Staff often eat with the children to model healthy eating.

Children can access breakfast between 8.00 and 8.30, morning snack at around 9.30, lunch at 12.00 and an afternoon tea at around 3.30. Breakfast, morning snack and afternoon tea are often offered on a rolling basis so that children can access when they are ready to eat. Fresh drinking water is available freely for the children to access as they wish, staff promote the use, through regular reminders as we know how busy the children do get!

We celebrate different cultures and festivals from around the world. For example, the children enjoy sweet and sour chicken, rice and noodles during Chinese New Year, and curries and naan bread during Diwali. We actively seek suggestions from parents to include on our menu throughout the year.

Foods grown in our vegetable patch often end up as an accompaniment to meals, children enjoy growing and eating tomatoes, runner beans, courgettes and peas alongside their lunch, as well as strawberries for puddings or snacks!

We happily accommodate any special dietary requirements, and collect this information prior to a child starting nursery.

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