Olympic Fun

26th Aug 2016

Olympic2 Olympic3This month the children have been talking and learning about the Olympics.

They have had lots of fun being active in the outdoors as they play a variety of games such as throwing bean bags into a hoop, rolling the hoops, running relay races. We have been talking about turn taking as we share the equipment as well as teaching the children about the importance of taking part and cheering on their peers. We have also been looking at the different colours exploring these colours as we potato print the Olympic Rings. As well as this we have been looking at a variety of different flags. The children did observational drawings discussing the colours and patternsĀ and learning a little about the different cultures.

A parent came into nursery to read the Gruffalo story in Portuguese to the children. The children discussed different words they can say in Portuguese and those that speak Portuguese at home enjoyed sharing their own experiences with others.

The Wise Owls have also been exploring the iPads by looking at the different Olympic Games. They have enjoyed watching a variety of sporting games, and re-creating these in the garden using different props and resources